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Many of us believe in the story of fairy tales when we get married, such as what we read on the ending of fairy tale books that goes "And they live happily ever after.". However reality bites, and once the honeymoon stage is over, you have live everyday of your life getting to know your husband or wife, discovering new things each day, learning together and building a family. When the whirlwind stage starts to deteriorate, couples must really work hard and commit to accept each other's flaws, differences and weaknesses, as these are the things that spark a fight. 


Minor things can explode to negative feelings such as frustration, disappointment, depression, guilt, and anger, which can ignite to violence. But before once a fairy tale turn to a horror story, you need to act and seek the help of a marriage counselor before it's too late. What are the trigger points or behaviors that are signs you need marriage counseling cincinnati


1. You barely speak with each other. Lack of communication is a sign that there is something missing in a relationship and it is masked by avoiding talking about it to prevent heated discussions. But this is not healthy to both parties, as it creates doubts, curiosity and pressure.


2. You are acting out negatively. Either you or your partner also responds negatively to negative communication and feelings of being judged, insecure, disregard and shame just make you feel down and unmotivated.


3. You're afraid to express your thoughts and emotions. You are having a hard time opening up about almost anything especially your finances, sex and your feelings.


4. You perceive your partner as your enemy. You should be a team or partners in everything, otherwise you need help.


5. You or your partner are thinking of having an affair. Finding someone else means finding love and affection, because either you or your partner cannot provide it anymore. 


6. Keeping secrets. Privacy is important, but keeping secrets beyond normal means something is not right.


7. Financial blackmailing. One party may unusually demand explanation of expenditures, how the money is spent and wanting to take over almost all of financial decisions are all crucial in a relationship. However if one party becomes suspicious, you need a skilled clinician to help you sort the root cause is.


8. Together but are living separate lives. When you feel you're just as good as roommates, doesn't engage in sweet talks or love-making anymore, then its time to attend marriage counseling cincinnati therapy to salvage your marriage.